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You are now the owner of a unique and unrepeatable piece of furniture, a ZARKIN piece of furniture. This warranty, which we kindly ask you to read carefully, covers all ZARKIN furniture subject to normal domestic use.


Any service request covered in this warranty should be done through the call center; and the receipt will be requested. ZARKIN, for this it is necessary to present a receipt showing the date of purchase.
The request can be done, online at www.zarkin.com,by phone or email that you will find at the end of the warranty.
The request should be done after the alleged defect is found and at the latest:
• In seven, (7) days after the purchase, if the damage is noticeable at the time of delivery.
• In thirty, (30) days after the buyer carried out a thorough test.

When there was a domestic use, your ZARKIN product is protected from the purchase date:

• For one year (1) electronic and/or mechanic devices and metal fittings.
• For two years, (2) cushioned defects, beds, bed-sofa, sewing, ring system, and trims.
• For two years (2), if the leather peels (a manufacture defect) Zarkin assures the furniture is 100% leather.
• Internal structure of the furniture, ten (10) years.


The warranty does not covered consequential or incidental damage including waste of time or money. Zarkin responsibility will not exceed the item price or substitution. If the original material is no longer in stock, Zarkin reserves the right to substitute the material for similar or same quality and value.

This warranty specifically excludes claims for:

• Wrinkles or scars on the leather, texture variations or color from the same material. These marks reveal that the leather is genuine.
• Cracks or peeling.
• Damages due to burns, cuts, pets or any other prohibit use.
• Damages from inadequate and negligent cleaning.
• Commercial, institutional or rent use other then home use.
• Damages due to sunlight, extreme heat, bright light and similar conditions and any other discoloration as a consequence of these actions.
• Improper use or any acts of force majeure
• Damages due to manipulation and product transportation.
• Showroom furniture.
• Products repaired by unauthorized people.
• Manufacturing damages
• Design and original structure of the furniture damages

This warranty gets invalid in case of:

• Not having the purchase receipt.
• For claims related to the leather or upholstery fabric as a consequence of chemicals, cleaning products or conditioners not approved by ZARKIN.
• If the identification label is removed.
• If the original buyer transfers the warranty to a third party or in case the item is sent to another address than the registered address.
• This warranty does not cover transportation fees from and until the site of the manufacturer, distributer or repair site. ZARKIN.

Assistance instructions

A warranty request should be done, without an exception, through ZARKIN´S call center ZARKIN.

Please fill out the following:
• Name, address, email and phone
• Receipt
• Model of furniture
• A detail explanation of the defect (depending on the issue, the call center might need more information).
• Distributor data
• Pictures of the damage item ZARKIN

When you had reached the call center and they verified the requirements were met, they will provide a folio number and instructions depending on the case, either scheduled an appointment so a technician will visit your home.

ZARKIN will not be held responsible for transportation or delivery fees without a written authorization of a service representative. The considered repairs will be the objects of claims of alleged damages. ZARKIN does not offer any other warranty than the one written in this document, unless otherwise provided by the law. This warranty confers to the buyers specific rights that can change according to each state.

Phone (722) 402 1840
Email: garantías@zarkin.com
From 8:00 am to 6:00 pm